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Challenge Home Party Flow by Mike Ryan

(This needs a training video to set the table. The first meeting you should invite 15-20 people so that 5 people show up. Out of the 5 who show, 3 will likely say yes. The other two won’t have a hard NO, they will likely say they have to leave to get to the kids or whatever. This is normal. The fortune is in the follow up and follow through. If everyone has to leave and no one signed up, then make them feel fine about that and let them know that they should have a good night and you’ll get hold of them. In the event that that happens, study where the disconnect is.) These meetings will likely be in three different houses, which is fine and also duplicatable!

(Mon) Meeting 1-invite 15-20 people, 5 should show. If that meeting is at Bill’s house and Barbie is presenting, then Bill’s role is to sit on the couch right next to Barbie taking notes. Barbie would give 100% of that presentation. 3 people should say yes. Doesn’t really matter if they are retail or coaches.

(Wed) Meeting 2-Bill, Barbie, plus the three yes’s will all invite. Their goal is to invite 15-20 people. Since they are leading with health, they should want to do this. “Who would you like to get healthy?, Great, let’s get them invited!” Ideally, you should see between 15-20 people show up to meeting 2. Bill will give the first half of the presentation, Barbie will give the close. Ideally, you should have 10 say yes.

(Fri) Meeting 3-Bill, Barbie, the intitial three, the subsequent 10, are all inviting to this one. This meeting will be packed. You should see 20+ sign ups to take the challenge. Bill will give the entire presentation with Barbie there and ready to jump in should she need to. Bill is now a trained leader. He likely went Diamond in a week. His friends should have made some money, advanced in rank to Emerald farily simply, and he numerous people could hit success club in this weeks time.

Next week, Bill can repeat this process as will others who became the person on the couch right next to the presenters. You’re looking for the tenacious ones who have big dreams and a want/need to make this happen. This increases your odds of finding the people who actually want to do this as opposed to talking so many into it when really, they just want the products.


(Remember to be yourself, but be the best you, you will be! Be up and positive, SMILE!)

Home Party Flow-ideal time frame is 30 min presentation, then samples & sign ups. This makes for a 60 minute total experience. Most people will budget one hour and have a significant want to leave about 50 minutes in, so you have to run this on time. All of the failure prior to this was due to having no script/flow nor timelines.



  • “Thank you for coming today! I’m so happy to share what I’ve found that has made me feel so good! I really appreciate your time and consideration with this!”
  • “Prior to joining Team Victory, I was 250 pounds, had a hard time sleeping, didn’t want to take my shirt off at the beach, or really go to the beach, and was lost in my finances.
  • Since Joining Team Victory, I have lost 44 pounds, learned how to get debt free, making money, and feel the best I have in years! I don’t snore anymore and feel much more confident!”
  • (you have to practice this and write out your abbreviated story to insert above!)

    Prior to Joining Team Victory/Team BeachBody, I was _________________________. Since Joining Team Victory/Team BeachBody, I am _____________________________________. (just fill in the blanks!)

  • “I’m going to show you a few clips to help explain the BeachBody Challenge, because as much fun as I’m having with it, I won’t do it justice in explaining. I don’t know, all I know is, you need to check this out!”
  • “Here’s the ‘Take the Beachbody Challenge’ video”
  • “How cool was that!!!”
  • “One of the key things to getting results is nutrition, but that’s not the easy thing right? Well we have the easy button for this one! Shakeology is the healthiest meal of the day! It’s just a once a day healthy shake that will fill you up, taste awesome, so check this out to understand a glimpse into why and how it’s so awesome!”
  • “PS, when you see Olympians and Rock Stars drinking a super shake for peak performance and recovery, this is what it is!”
  • “CHECK this out!!!” (then play the ‘Where do the Shakeology Ingredients Come From’ video)
  • “WOW, ok, here’s the last thing i’m going to show you before we do samples and pick a Challenge Pack!”
  • Play the Shakeology Nutrition Simplified video.
  • This is only 56 seconds.
  • When it gets to the food basket and the $41.19 deal, PAUSE THE VIDEO AND SAY, “That’s NOT what’s in the whole bag of Shakeology…………..That’s what’s in EVERY…SINGLE…SERVING of Shakeology! Now can you imagine the compound effect of that in your system everyday instead of whatever kind of food?!!!”
  • ”How awesome is all of this?! Here’s the deal, I want to help people find a healthier way to go. But I need help, we need help. We all have people we care about and would like to see them find a healthier way to go. We don’t have the only way, however, we have the best darn way that’s sitting in front of you right now! We have three shots to change a person’s life: World class fitness, nutrition, and the business!
  • I’m picking one person out of this group to hold this same home party for Wednesday night. The people who take the challenge now will get to invite people to that home party to help more people get healthy! So start thinking about who you’d like to invite to this on Wednesday and I’ll talk after you pick your Challenge Pack!”
  • ”Now, we are hitting the kitchen, you’ll get to try a couple flavors of Shakeology, then pick your challenge pack. Remember, this is easy, you’re just getting one thing that has all you need to succeed, the Challenge Pack!


Here are some comments to handle the basic objections: Feel, felt, found works well with all objections so learn that. And “I don’t know, all I know is, you need to check this out”

Q- I don’t have time to workout

A* I feel what you’re saying and felt the same way, but what I found is that I feel so darn good after my workouts, even the short ones. I don’t know, all I know is, you need to check this out!

Q- This is a lot of money

A* At $4 per serving, this is less than half of what we usually spend on lunch or any meal for that matter.

A* This is a push with what you spend on food so remember to back off at the grocery store a little bit or simply replace that expensive lunch or Starbucks type thing.

A* This is much less than a gym membership and will really save you money!

Q- I need to think about it

A* Do you want to be healthy?

Do you want to feel good? Look good? (they are answering yes to all of these questions), then the best way to think about it is to try it. You have nothing to lose with our 30 day bottom or the bag guarantee! You’re not tied into any contract like your cell phone so try it out and i’ll support you to those goals that are so important to you!

On Thu, Aug 23, 2012 at 4:31 AM, Kashif Ilyas wrote:

On Team On Fire training under training 101 and hosting events under that page can you add this document?

“Was that awesome or what?!!! Do you like how you feel?! YES! Would you like to be healthier? YES! Be happier? YES! Feel great? YES! SLeep better? YES! Look awesome in a

swim suit? YES!, Have you ever considered taking the BeachBody Challenge? YES! We are here to get you to your goals and dreams! This deal is NOT about me, it’s all about you! I’m here, we’re here to empower you to succeed at this for a lifetime! Are you ready?!!! Meet right here and we’ll get you taken care of!” Then have someone bring the samples up to where you want them to sign up, have a dozen clip boards with paper sign ups ready to go, plenty of pens, extra coaches, and make it happen! Remember, they won’t remember what you said, just how you made them feel. You’re saying the right things, just deliver it from the heart so they feel the sincerity. That’s everything You’re on the right path with getting them to say yes repetitively. You may not have to say yes after those questions, but it may help lead them along this path. —