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Email Marketing 101: Smart Tips to Increase Your Business Potential

Email Marketing

Small business and entrepreneurs alike are beginning to cash-in on the revenue potential on opt in “email marketing”. Today Fitness training and coaching, the thriving business sectors, are maintaining repetitive contact with the potential clients through this medium, using custom email newsletter templates, and branded profile pages.

“4.24% of visitors from email marketing buy something compared to only 2.49% of visitors from search engines and .59% from social media” – reports.

Is your email marketing strategy getting you such lucrative leads? You need to prepare fully in order to benefit from your email marketing campaigns. Checks out these strategies to you get off to a good start and ensure success of your business.

Capturing More Email Subscribers – Tips & Tricks:

I believe that the ability to contact with readers via email is paramount to the success of your marketing campaign. If your subscription lacks luster, you need to improve your email capture rate.

Include Email Capture Form:

Capture form is the workhorse of email marketing, as it will help to capture more subscribers. Adding a form to your landing page, Facebook page or newsletters will help to make the capturing of visitor’s data ‘relatively’ simple.

If you want to make your email capture form successful, there a few things you need to keep in mind:


Make sure that your capture forms are located in a place that is easily viewable, prominent and eye catching, to achieve the highest percentage of signups.

There are many common places where you can place your capture form: in the footer, a pop-up window, an exit pop-up, or in a box nestled in content directly above the fold.


Make your capture form catchy for the eyes. Using of bright colors will augment the look of your sign up form.


The size also matters. Too big form will loosen the interest of the people, while a smaller box may fail to seize the attention. Make sure you do not over do the sign up process and provide a suitable size.

Bonus Point: As an email marketer it is up to you to split test your email capture form to ensure highest percentage of signups possible.

Motivational Factors In Your Email:

Email is not only a business promotion tool. You can take it as a means of connecting personally with the customers. As email is used more frequently for work purposes, and so make your emails multifunctional.

Motivational factors drive the users to listen to you and pay heed to what you have to offer through your business. It is said that 45% of customers provide brands with their email addresses to receive discounts or money-off promotions.

Incentives that are added with the capture sign-up form are also essential to attain more email subscribers.

  • “Discounts with the first sign up.”
  • “Free samples”
  • “Free access to ebook”
  • “Special Holiday/Season Offer”

These incentives are some of the many examples that may augment your email subscribers.

Ensuring Email Checking, Engagement & Response

You need to ensure your email received well, and is read by the readers while identifying the purpose of the message. Here are few things you need to implement in your emails for a Bounce-free click rate on your emails and avoid landing in the spam box.

Subject Line:

Choosing the right Email subject is the main ingredient. Even if you have entered into the inbox, you need to make efforts so that the reader opens and responds. For that, the sender’s name and the email subject plays a key role to “make it or break it”. Let the receiver skim over your message with a striking subject line.

Internal Email Content:

Email Content is the King. Call upon action from your readers with the content you will be offers. Compelling content experiences increased relationship with the readers. Make sure you take benefit from that.

Important: Do not send out unproductive emails that contains irrelevant data

Communication and Response:

Key elements to boost engagement & response require you to add call on action to your customer from the start to the end of your email. Therefore, your customized emails must have the following:

Button-Style Call To Action:

If you want others to follow your coaching, place links that will guide the readers to do exactly what you will tell them to do as they click on that link button.

Social Sharing Links:

By placing social media links in your emails, you ensure and encourage the subscribers to brand your business with friends.

Sign-up/ Join the Coach Link:

If you want to get a reply to your email, make it easier for the readers to do so. Raise a query, show your concern to their problems, and add a link to the branded subscription form in the email to generate quick responses.

Implement Email Marketing Testing Tools and Services

Email marketing softwares are there to help you get 100% success and increase email view rate percentage.

Here is a list top 10 Email Marketing tool and services, which can help you get leads with your email marketing.  

Harness the powers of email marketing and through this viable platform spread your message and communicate with your customers.

Further Resources to Read from for Email Marketing Tips:

If you further want to know about the email marketing tips and trends for the coming year, you can check out the top email marketing blogs and add them to your feeds.

AWeber Communications blog, GetResponse, Marketing Sherpa – Email Marketing Newsletter and Email Marketing Reports  are among the best Email Marketing blogs, tools, and resources that can help you optimized parts of your email campaigns.

At the end of the day, email marketing will function as a “handshake protocol between the sender (you) and receiver (your subscribers)”.


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