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Instagram – Inspiring Through an App

No specialized lightening, no editing software, with Instagram, everyone act up as a professional photographer by making the images enhanced and absolutely flawless.

What is Instagram?
A hugely popular picture sharing Smartphone application that has drawn the attention of professional photographers as well as those who just like to click away.
With some 33 million users already using Instagram, the app has become not just a picture-sharing medium for the people, but a mini social network of its own, which Mark Zuckerberg claims will remain independent. Heads up for Instagram rocketing high in the app stores!

Giving Pictures A Life to be Shared:

A vast number of people are sharing motivational posts, their stories, and lifestyles at the Instagram community for others to see in awe. You can always check out the vast community of quotation pictures and everyday life collages of people that are beautifully structured. Beachbody coaches are among those who have been publicizing their new and improved stance on life with the help of Instagram to enthuse their followers.

With Instagram easily downloadable from app stores for both iOS and Andriod phones, you can now just have fun with all the boring captures on your cellular and give them a life, a story to be shared with everyone else.

Instagram: What is all the Hype About?

If you are still in the “Insta-what?” zone, then here is a brief review of the app and some ideas that will make you as addicted with the app as millions others!

Some people call it a picture sharing application and other people think it as a filter app, in my opinion it is a bit of both. It is as simple as Click, Edit, Share!

You can create inspiration through you own life story and other “Before-After” pictures to publicize within your social circles and for others to see on Instagram.

The Beachbody’s Top Coach Hillary has been using Instagram to shown-off her amazing new lifestyle as a coach and as a mom with the help of Instagram picture editing softwares:










Connect with more Beachbody trainers, reach other fitness gurus, and see what they are following.

Getting Most Out Of Instagram – For iPhone and Android Users:

The app is available for both iOS and Android users. In the smart phones, you can take pictures off the phone gallery or taken them instantly from your camera, and you can make a collage or stylize them the way you want through Instagram, while making even the most ordinary everyday pictures, a work of art!

With several apps downloadable from app stores, you can also have fun with all the boring captures your cellular and give them a life. Here is a list some great apps that will help you modify your fitness images before you start posting them. The lists are for both Apple iOS and Android users.

Top Editing Apps for Instagram:
Creating a Grid:

iOS Users: To create a grid of photos, the best apps would be: PicStitch, Pic Frame and Diptic.

Android Users: Photo Grid HD is the best and user-friendly app for making a grid of your photos in numerous styles.

Putting Effects:

iOS Users: For giving more effects, try: PicFX and XnView Photo FX. Frametastic also supply nice edits to individual images.

Android Users: Pudding Camera, PicsArt and Retro Camera creates quick, versatile and produces beautiful quality pics and are among a few good apps used to add flawlessness to the images.

Image Writing:

iOS Users: For creating text on Instagram pictures, try Phonto and Wordfoto. Android Users: Also downloadable for Android phones, Wordfoto brings knack to the photos.

Giving Lens Boost:

iOS Users: Camera+ is an amazing app if you want to add a little lens focus to your Instagram pictures.

Android Users: Camera ZOOM Fx is free and easily downloadable, and will you what you want.

Conclusively, Instagram has made cropping and photo streaming, simple and fun. Make your
healthy and vibrant lifestyle an inspiration to others and make your mark as a Beachbody

Connect and share to Instagram! Show off your new outlook on life to your friends with just a
press of the button.