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Pinterest: An Introductory Guide!

The secret to human advancement resides in “Curiosity”. If you are curious about what Pinterest is about, you are not alone. The idea of Pinterest is based on “instant gratification”. The idea relates to the concept that humans like to have what they want now without waiting for it.  When you saw a particular thing of your interest say fancy shoes, you can save its image in your virtual store i.e. known as board at Pinterest. You can retrieve and utilize that image later whenever you find a right opportunity to get it.

Pinterest is a virtual pin board

PinterestThis relates to the importance of images or thumbnails in virtual world of e-commerce. Pinterest is about picking up your interest and save it to your personal pin boards for later use.  As the name indicates, you pin your interests on a virtual board in the form of images. You can share your blogs at Pinterest too. It is highly addictive because images speak more than words. It is all about liking images in the form of pins re-pin it to your boards and share it with the world. Pinterest allows only three secret boards.

Info graphics

Popular boards and popular pins are:

Popular Categories

Average activity of usersAverage Activity of Pinners

Few Statistics

Pinterest companiesRecent statistics on Pinterest shows that average users spend 83.4% of their time at Pinterest in pinning pins. 16% users spend their time liking pins and only 0.6% of people spend their time on commenting. Pinterest has more than 10 million monthly unique visitors and now third most popular social media-networking site after Facebook and Twitter as indicated by ComScore, 2012. Top Three Companies that use Pinterest are:

  1. Bluebird Productions
  2. Little One Books
  3. An Affair of the Heart

Dive into the world of visual gallery 

If so many people are using Pinterest, it is not a wise idea to stay behind! Create your Pinterest account in few clicks today. Follow these easy steps to get started.

  1. Join Pinterest: You can get started by entering Pinterest URL in your search bar. Double click on “Join Pinterest” button (Red button placed in middle) will redirect you at the beginning of your journey to Pinterest.
  2. Sign-up options: You are now re-directed to a new page that gives you many options. You can login through your facebook or twitter email id or you can sign-up by entering the required information. It is recommended that you sign-up through your email id and not through facebook or twitter. It is because in case of technical issues at either site, you will be unable to use Pinterest
  3. Sign up processSign-up process: You will be asked to enter your (preferred) username, email id (preferred) password, first and last name, gender to get started. In addition, you can also upload your profile picture so that your friends could find you. After entering all the required information, click “Create Account”
  4. Creating a boardChoose your boards to get started:If you select any of these categories, it will provide you few more sub-categories to “create boards” with. After selecting five boards, you are at liberty to proceed further by clicking “Next” button. You will be re-directed to its home button after that. You will also be notified to confirm your presence at Pinterest via email from Pinterest. Check your email and follow the link Pinterest provide you with. This link will again re-direct you to your home page at Pinterest.
  5. meta tagLink your profile with Twitter and facebook account:You can edit, add information about yourself by clicking the “settings” button at right hand-side of your profile image.  You can add your location and your website URL here. When you enter the URL of your website, you will be given an option to verify it. You can choose to verify with Meta tag to complete the process. Your web master will add the link provided by Pinterest and place it under <head>. Pinterest will complete this process by indicating that your website has been verified. In addition, you can choose to login through facebook and twitter too. You can also set your search privacy for search engines here. After making changes, you should proceed by clicking “Save profile”.

Create a board6. Create a board:Place your arrow “   “on your profile picture and you will see many drop-down options. Click on “Boards” and you will be redirected to a new page. You can click on any “Create Board”. A pop-up will appear where you can give a descriptive name to your board, place it into any category, select whether you want to keep it secret or not, you can also invite your friends to pin images to your board. When you are done, you can click “Create Board”.

create a board 2Your board is created now. You cannot leave it empty. Add some pins to give it a life.


7. Add “Pin it” button at Bookmarks toolbar:It is best to add a bookmarks tool for pinning stuff of your like from wherever you like. You can place your arrow at “About” (Placed at left-hand side of your profile picture). Here you can click on “Pin it Button”. You can add a “Bookmarks toolbar” from “Goodies”. Follow the instructions and you are good to go. Now you can add pins from any website you like.

8. Add Pins at Pinterest:Place your icon at left hand side of “About” and click on “Add”. You will be given three options then,

add pin

  1. Add a pin.
  2. Upload a pin.
  3. Create a board.
  1. Add a pin:If you choose to “Add a pin”, you have to add URL of the picture you want to pin. You can add URL of the website for example, and click “Find Images”. You can select the image of your choice from this website and add a description to it. You will be given an option to create a new board for this image or add it in to a board that is already created by you. Using Hash tags in your description will increase its visibility at Pinterest.  Click “Pin it” when you are done.
  2. Using Hash tags: If you are new to use hash tags in your Pinterest description, do not worry. It does not involve a rocket science to create a hash tag. You can put a hash sign like that “#” and place your Keywords after wards. You should capitalize the first letter of keyword like “#Shoes”. In addition, if you are using a long keyword, there should not be a space in between them like “#Myshoes”. If you want to make your pins more visible to your audience you can add these hash tags  “#Openfollow”, “#Freefollow” and “#Mustfollow” at the end of your description.
  3. Upload a pin:This option allows you to upload images from your computer. You can upload your preferred image by clicking “Choose File”. You can browse any image from your computer and upload it. You will be given an option to create a new board for this image or add it in to a board that is already created by you. You will give description of your image with hash tags as indicated above. When you are done click “Pin it”.
  4. Create a board:You can create a new board by following the instruction given above under “Create a board”.

9. Build your audience: You can build an audience by connecting it with your social media sites like Facebook and twitter. You can also add a plug-in called “Pinvolve” at your Facebook page. This helps you to share your Facebook posts as Pinterest pins. You are also given with an option to add your twitter, Facebook and Google plus profile URLs and website to link with Pinterest so that your friends can see your activity in a cumulative way through any social media network. You can also tag your pins just like twitter. Pinterest support hash tags. By adding relevant hash tags, you can make your pins more visible to public.

10. Engage on Pinterest: You can actively participate at Pinterest by keeping following things in your mind.


  1. Be respectful.
  2. Be authentic.
  3. Credit your sources.
  4. Report objectionable content.


  1. Use too much text on your pins.
  2. Do not pin so many pins with varied topic on a single board.
  3. Avoid spamming.

Conclusion:  Pinterest is a social media network. You can share your interest and likes with all people around the globe without exposing your personal information with each pin. You cannot chat through Pinterest like facebook and Google +. Pin ethically, do not pin the whole text of any page and if so, do credit your sources. Not all websites are pinnable. Some of the web masters block Pinterest while other webmasters will allow that. You cannot pin Facebook or flash websites with Pinterest.