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Posted by on Apr 15, 2011 in News | 0 comments

READ THIS Before Talking About Article in O Magazine

Team Beachbody®
Dear Team Beachbody® Coaches,

As many of you are aware, the May issue of O magazine features the fascinating story of Darin Olien’s ingredient journey across the globe. It’s a remarkable tool you can use to help your customers understand the story behind Shakeology®. This powerful and educational article will also add a tremendous amount of credibility to all your retailing and recruiting efforts.

However, as thrilled as we are, we must remind you that like any publicity about our amazing products and opportunity, you need to share this story appropriately and responsibly.

Here are some important guidelines to remember:

 Coaches are NOT allowed to imply an endorsement on the part of Oprah or any of her companies, including O magazine. For example, statements like, “Oprah loves Shakeology and so will you!” are prohibited.
 Coaches are NOT allowed to use logos of the magazine (the large O), the name, photo, and/or likeness of Oprah Winfrey, or any other material under copyright or trademark protection. (This is a very serious concern, and Coaches who attempt to use these trademarks may face legal action from Oprah’s company.)
 Coaches are NOT allowed to reproduce the article in any format, including print or video.
 Coaches are NOT allowed to go on Oprah’s site (and related sites) and post comments to offer Shakeology for sale. It was the flood of these comments which caused their Web site to take the article down, and now, unfortunately, prevents all of us from being able to link to and leverage this article online.

Remember, the story will sell for you. It will serve to educate and validate, but not to endorse the Shakeology brand.

I encourage you to purchase several copies of the May edition of O magazine. I also invite you to educate your Teams and to help us show the media that we can be grateful and gracious for the coverage they provide us.

Let’s build on this experience and remember to have integrity in all that we do.

Warm regards,

Brett A. Blake
Managing Director
Team Beachbody


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