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Josh Spencer: Shakeology Sampling Secrets


14 Star Diamond Coach Josh Spencer


In many ways Shakeology®  changed former Top Coach and 14 Star Diamond Coach Josh Spencer’s life, and he’ll be the first person to admit he sings the nutritional drink’s praises daily. Not only did it help him and his family (including Grandma!) achieve their weight loss goals—it transformed his business too, and he’s now able to dedicate 100% of his time to Coaching. Did we mention that Josh was also the #2 Shakeology®  seller in theentire USA? So who better to share Shakeology®  sampling systems, selling tips, and the secrets to his success:

Q. What’s your personal ‘Shakeology®  Sampling System?’

A. I’ve had my system in place for 4 years now, and I’ve tweaked it to make sure it’s cost efficient and effective. Here’s the 4 steps I always use when sampling Shakeology®:

  • I only reach out to people that I Coach—people that are interested and serious about purchasing.
  • I buy 5×8 padded envelops in bulk, and I send the sample with a letter taped to it, along with my favorite Shakeology® recipe (CRUCIAL!).
  • I’m also careful to outline the importance of Home Direct and directions on how to order in my letter.
  • I always follow-up two weeks later!

Q. How do you start the sampling conversation with a prospect?

A. Usually by creating “buzz” first, through Facebook posts and other social media. A sense of urgency builds because of the limited samples I send, and it goes quickly—so first come, first served! Facebook traffic is most active, between 8:30AM—11:30AM EST and 5:30PM —10:30PM EST.

Here’s a sample post: “It’s that time again! I’m about to send out another batch of SHAKEOLOGY SAMPLES! If you would like one, you need to “like,” comment below, or message me ASAP! Just a heads up, though, I only have a LIMITED amount and will send them out on a first come first serve basis.”

Q. How do you pre-qualify prospects so they’re a wise investment, before sending samples?

A. Make sure you’re their Coach! You don’t want to send a sample to another Coaches’ customer and have another Coach get credit for that sale. Always double check in the Coach Online Office—I do!

  • It costs me about $8 to send out a Shakeology®  sample, so I make sure they’re serious. My blog explains how my family, friends, people I Coach, and I have gotten results from Shakeology® ; and I insist each person reads that before giving me their address. I don’t ever go into the details of what’s in Shakeology®  in the initial stages!
  • People should purchase based on passion, belief, the products results, and the trust they have with YOU. Be yourself, be real, be honest, people will respect that and listen to your recommendations.

Q. How do you follow up and maintain engagement with a customer (after sampling) until you close the sale?

A. Stay organized or this process will never be effective. I created an Excel spreadsheet that includes these columns:

Name, Email, Address, if they are a customer or not (Y,N), Flavor requested, if I sent out the sample (Y,N), Date Sent Out, Date Followed Up With, and Date Last Contacted.

Usually I wait 2 weeks after sending the sample to reach out and see if my customer received it, if they like it, and when they plan on purchasing. If after 3 follow-ups they don’t purchase, I stop contacting them. So far I’ve had a very high closing rate.

Q. Share your thoughts on the importance of enrolling people in Shakeology®  for ongoing business growth.

A. As a Coach it should be your goal to reach Success Club every month, and sending out Shakeology®  samples are a great way to get SC points. If you enroll people in Home Direct, get them to join one of your Challenge Groups too. The best combination for results is by using Shakeology® and going through a Beachbody program, people who complete the Challenge Groups are great Coach candidates. Also, Shakeology®  HD is a great way to build residual income. You receive a commission every month after the initial purchase, as long as they remain on HD.


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