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Custom Twitter Background Tutorial to Reinforce Brand Message on Twitter

Everybody is “tweeting” these days. From following your favorites, to feeding your fans with what is most important to you, is the mantra of the social networking website: “Twitter”. Apart from the great thoughts, inspirational messages, and cute captures, lately the “Tweeps/ Tweeple” are bringing out innovative backgrounds to magnetize their followers.

Twitter background not only embraces the personal expression, people have been using the space lately for self-promotion and personal branding.

Take Your Corporate on the Twitter Backdrop:

Facebook Timeline outlook is not the only social media marketing technique used by the people to reinforce their businesses identities.  You can also brand your profiles through Twitter and augment your social media profile.

Here are some reasons why people should bring a personal touch and add their personal profiles in the backdrop of their tweets:

  • Visualize your portraits in the backdrop to initiate unobtrusive call-to-action.
  • Express your yourself and your successes extensively, bypassing the word limits on the bios.
  • Make a statement, an impression, and bring out the business identity creatively
  • Put out your business’s face with contact information for bringing out a better user experience.

Whip up a Twitter background to emphasize business’s value position, promote offerings and campaigns, capture the attention, and expand the coaching image of your business among the visitors.

Tutorial for Creating a Custom Twitter Background for Brand Marketing:

Your twitter profile is incomplete without a branding background to support the purpose, but trust me; you do not want to hire a creative team to do the task.

If you want to create an awesome Twitter background for your business to influence others, follow this step-by-step tutorial below and make your social space a great resource of networking and personal branding:

STEP 1: Setting the Background Size:

The twitter background is visible on the left and right side of the main content area. As left side is more visible to the visitors, and often the resolutions eliminate the right side, your focus should be on the left side of the background. On the courtesy of BanyanBranch, here are the screen resolutions for left column of Twitter visible background:

  • 1024px wide resolutions (66px for 99% of visitors)
  • 1280px wide resolutions (194px for 82% of visitors)
  • 1366px wide resolutions (238px for 56.1% of visitors)
  • Resolutions wider than 1366px (520px for 42.3% of visitors)

Note: The twitter backgrounds will not scroll and so, glue the brand information text/image to one spot.

STEP 2: Defining the Design Space:

Use designing software to enhance the background design.

Once you have defined the measurements of the background in line with the above dimensions, a blank canvas will appear in front of you. Since you know that your feed covers up the major part of your page ensure that what you put on the page doesn’t get cut out due to the screen resolution.

Place a pixel mark on the vertical ruler in your design software and mark a “safe spot”. Keep all the work inside the selected area.

STEP 3: Choosing a Background Color/Image:

You can both use the color of your brand logo, and place an image to define your brand objective or use them separately. Match the background color with your logo. Spotify, IdeaPaint, Target, Dropbox, McDonalds, are some great examples of corporate twitter profiles as they depict their stories through simple image placement.

STEP 4: Adding The Right Text:

To keep the branding consistent in the background, here is what you should focus on when adding the text:

  • Don’t let the text distract your tweets
  • Let visitors associate your brand with your Twitter profile
  • Instead of placing URLs, Tweet about web properties in the background

STEP 5: Save Your File Correctly:

Saving in the right format will help maintain the quality of the image. Instead of saving in the JPEG format, use .PNG format to save the image and avoid sacrificing the quality. Be sure that the size does not exceed 800K, because that is the maximum file size Twitter accepts.

STEP 6: Uploading and Testing:

Once you are done with the customization, upload the image on twitter profile by going to “Settings – Design Tab – Change Background Image” and Upload the image. You can create a Twitter test account to check the background before making it live.

Some Helpful Twitter Background Resources:

Mashable shared some great resources, which can help you pre-design and update your Twitter backgrounds:

Have You Started Branding Your Twitter Background Yet?

The Twitter background is a blank canvas for the businesses to redecorate, and since you may all agree to the fact that first impression matters, then why not get creative with all the free space available to you? Adding the transformation images, bringing out your success stories, depicting an active life as a fitness enthusiast, will entice others to see what more you have to put out there for them.