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Increase your Online Presence with Google +

Google + is not a graveyard. Google + has over 160 million active users. You could attract a wide list of potentials through this platform as a Google Plus is not a graveyardbusiness professional.

It has more features than that of facebook and twitter that can attract a large number of people beneficial to your business. It is time to start making your mind to create an attractive profile and brand pages relevant to your business today!

Make your business detectable!

Create your local business at Google + to make your business presence into valuable experience. Make your business visible on Google + and people can connect to you through Google search in one click.

Share your world with others

Google PlusAs a Beachbody coach, you can communicate and share your experiences live with up to ten people at a single time. You can also share pictures and videos to create a sense of intimacy and loyalty among your customers leading you towards more sales.

SEO at one click

You can check the hot topics through one click. A small list of keywords appears at right hand-side of your G+ page that shows current Trends. It highlights all the keywords that are being highly used and searched in conversations at G+ and G search respectively.

Select your desired audience

google plus circlesG+ also helps you how to add relevant people in your circles. Click here to try it now! You can also check recent activities of many people at a single time through pluserati.

Communicate effectively

If you put images and videos relevant to your business, Google will index it too. Your videos will automatically upload to You Tube. You can promote your right brand image through this feature.

Make straightforward search

Post your updates while searching at Google+ to engage interested people. It supports hash tags, if you make your search using hash tags you will be directed to all the related conversations in one click.

Make a Business Profile that Markets’ itself on Google (Part-II)

There are ways and tips through which you can build your sound business profile to reap business benefits.

  • Build your business profile

Spend some time to fulfill details about your profile. Google + also allows you to add live links in your introduction, you should add all of your links in your introduction (LinkedIn profile link, facebook profile link, blogs and website links etc) to reinforce people who want to reach you.

Hillary Google plus

  • Ensure your profile is public

Please set your business profile at “Public” so that maximum people could reach you. If your profile is public, Google will index it easily and quickly to improve your sales.

  • Use RIGHT keywords to connect with your G+ page

The use of right keywords with your business page/profile will bring you more potential clients and customers. Your right selection will help you find people on G +, connect with people that have followers in millions. Read more!

  • Increase your activities at Google +

It will create a sense of intimacy if you actively participate in Google + discussions and forums. Sharing your stream to public will bring more customers to your business too.

  • Include your industry or business name as a “Spark”

It is a new feature at Google+. If you want to make your company name to be indexed more effectively and more repeatedly, set up SPARKS for your name, your business or company name and terms. It works like Google alerts.  For example, you could have health and fitness or Beachbody as your SPARKS, and you could follow the top or recent updates in those categories.

  • Google statistics

You can get in depth Google + statistics of most popular posts by adding yourself in to the list by clicking this link. After adding yourself, you will be able to see how many people have added you in their circles.

  • Get a custom URL

Get a custom URL on Google + like this so that people could find you more easily.

  • Social Media mantra

It is a small tip that will give you success. Use it as a social media mantra- Social Media is Sharing, Caring, Listening, Re-sharing, Humor, and Being yourself!

Google+ Special

G+ hangoutGoogle + features make it awesome. There is a feature known as “Hangouts”, where you can communicate to ten people at a single time. This is an amazing feature beneficial for your business. You can also select to broadcast your conversations live to world through a feature called “Hangouts on Air”. This will make your business presence more real and optimal.

Are you ready to catapult your business today?

Catapult dollars

Now you can improve your online business sales through Google +. If you follow all of the above protocols to set up your online business at Google +, success is not far behind. Get indexed by Google to boost your sales; establish your business page at Google + today.