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Treating Your business like a business–Barbie Decker

There are two things that must happen if you actually want to grow a business:

1. have customers. Duh, right? So this means that you have to be adding contacts EVERY DAY and that EVERY DAY you are doing the activities to help you get people enrolled as customers and/or in challenges.

What are these activities?

MAKING CONTACTS either in person or thru Social Media

INVITING people to challenges or to look at coaching opportunity or to look at products (but challenges make it easy) and then to actually ENROLL THEM!. You can’t stay in the inviting phase. You have to CLOSE folks. Go through the stages. GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE by following up. Rinse and repeat

and you grow your business by

2. SPONSORING. You must sponsor at least two coaches a month if you want to HAVE A REAL BUSINESS vs a little extra income. You can’t make success club without sponsoring a coach, so according to BB 1 coach is the minimum. That’s the minimum to hit SC, but it’s not the minimum to grow a real business in my opinion. Now, a new coach may not be expected to sponsor two a month, but you are not new coaches.

So, I INVITE YOU to set the standard to TWO A MONTH at LEAST. I did much more than that our first years and we often still do.

Get it?

And one more thing: If you commit to it, your brain will find a way to get it done.

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